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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 93 of 190 Venezuelan Army are de jure and de facto under the Presidency’s control, the Executive Branch is also in control over these two detention centres. Figure 5: President’s de jure control over the Penitentiaries and detention centres (4) De Facto control of the Presidency over the General Prosecutor and the Office of Public Prosecutions The General Prosecutor falls within the Citizen Power Branch is one of the five independent branches of government of Venezuela.371 In order to ensure the independence of the General Prosecutor, Article 279 of the Constitution establishes a specific procedure to appoint him. Most importantly, it provides that: “[t]he Republican Ethic Council shall convene a Citizen Power nomination Evaluating Committee, which shall be made up of a group of representatives from various sectors of society, and shall conduct public proceedings resulting in the provision of a list of three candidates from each organ member of the Citizen Power to be submitted for consideration by the National Assembly, which, by a two-thirds vote of its members, shall select (…) the member of the Citizen Power organ (…)”. The elected candidates serve for a period of seven years.372 371 VENEZUELA. Constitution of Venezuela. Articles 273 372 VENEZUELA. Constitution of Venezuela. Articles 280, 284 and 288 President Minister of Priseong and Penoligical Servies National prisons Minister of Interior Justice&Peace SEBIN HQ Army Military Prison of Ramo Verde

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