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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 116 of 190 Available footage of the incidents clearly proves that pro-government armed paramilitaries dressed in civilian clothes used fire guns against unarmed demonstrators, some of who eventually grabbed rocks to defend themselves.477 Two days after Ameliach’s tweet, on the 18 February 2014, in Valencia, Carabobo State, state administered by Ameliach), student Génesis Carmona was shot in the face allegedly by pro-government armed paramilitaries on motorbikes who were repressing the protest in which she was participating.478 Witnesses reported that these alleged members of the pro government armed paramilitary groups were dressed in red clothes (representing the colours of the Venezuelan flag) and operated in plain sight.479 Carmona died the next day from her injuries.480 477 DIARIO EL CARABOBEÑO. (2014) Motorizados armados dispararon contra estudiantes en la Cedeño; CARCEL O INFIERNO REAL. (2014) Asesinos de Genesis Carmona "Av Cedeño.” LOAYZA, J. (2014) Asesinato Genesis Carmona 2/2 Lado de los Revoltosos con muchas motos - Av Cedeño Valencia Carabobo, ANONYMOUS4488. (2014) Los asesinos y culpables de Genesis Carmona 18F 478 EL NACIONAL. (2014) Ordenan pase a juicio a estudiante por caso Génesis Carmona 479 UNIVISION. (2014) Cómo fueron los últimos minutos de Génesis Carmona; PERÚ INTERNACIONAL. (2014) Génesis Carmona: ¿Por qué las milicias chavistas la atacaron a balazos en Venezuela?; See also: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. (2015) Venezuela: the Faces of Impunity. p.17 480 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. (2015) Venezuela: the Faces of Impunity. p.17

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