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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 85 of 190 The Constitution of Venezuela also establishes subnational Executive branches. Its article 16 divides the territory of Venezuela into States, the Capital District, federal dependencies and federal territories. Each one of these is itself divided into Municipalities. The States are politically equal and autonomous organs with full juridical personality. There are 23 States in Venezuela and those relevant to this communication are Aragua, Tachira, Carabobo, Merida and Miranda, as well as the Metropolitan District of Caracas. Governors are in charge of the government and administration of each State. The Legislative Council exercises the local legislative authority and Governors who are elected for a term of four years by a majority vote can be re-elected for an additional term only once immediately after their term. 20 of the 23 Governors currently in office are from the USPV351 confirming the overwhelming control of the Presidency over the management of the States. The 23 States are divided into 335 Municipalities which enjoy juridical personality and autonomy from the States and the Capital District in relation to the election of municipal authorities, the management of affairs within the scope of its competence and the creation, collection and investment of its revenues. The Mayors are in charge of the government and administration of the municipalities. 76% of the country’s Mayors belong to the USPV352 further entrenching the Presidency’s control over the territory. 351 For official results see: CONSEJO NACIONAL ELECTORAL. (2012) Divulgación Regionales 2012. Consejo Nacional Electoral. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 352 PSUV. (2013) Lista de Alcaldesas y Alcaldes revolucionarios. PSUV. [Online] 8 December. Available from: [Accessed 24 October, 2015] President Executive Vice President 29 Ministers (constituting the Council of Ministers)

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