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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 167 of 190 criminal investigation: “We have gathered some evidence that the administration of justice through the General Prosecutor’s Office carried.”731 Rodriguez added that also are involved in the plan, led by Maria Corina Machado, are the former banker Eligio Cedeño, who would be one of the major financiers of “La Salida” (“The Exit”), together with Diego Arria and other fugitive bankers. In addition, Governor of Aragua state and leader of the Political High Command of the Bolivarian Revolution El Aissami added that “we first alerted all Chavista forces and social movements of Venezuela and the world, because there is a new plan of assassination, directed and planned by the Venezuelan extreme right with participation of officials from the US State Department.” El Aissami argued that these e-mails showed how sectors led by Machado already knew that the House of Representatives of the US Congress would approve the “sanctions” against senior GoV officials. “We announced it was a fait accompli, which confirms the direct links of these right-wing sector with senior officials of the US government, in fact that they having announced a decision before that it happens means that there is a strong participation” said El Aissami.732 In May 2014 senior spokespersons of the government, including Diosdado Cabello, publicly denounced the existence of an alleged plot of “conspiracy and hostility of the United States toward Venezuela.”733 In this context, then Minister of Interior and Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres, at a press conference claimed to have information about “alleged national and international plots of insurrection against the Government of Nicolás Maduro” and presented a list of the persons who were supposedly involved, which included student and opposition leaders such as Leopoldo López (who had already been imprisoned) and his wife Lilian Tintori, David Smolansky (Mayor of the Municipality of El Hatillo), Diego Arria (former presidential primary candidate for the MUD), Antonio Ledezma (then Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Caracas), Gabriela Arellano (student leader), María Corina Machado and Humberto Prado, among others.734 On June 12, 2014, Diosdado Cabello presented additional alleged evidence related to implica-embajador-eeuu-2185287 [Accessed 26 October, 2015]; INFOBAE. (2014) El chavismo denuncia supuesto plan de golpe de Estado y magnicidio contra Maduro. Infobae América. [Online] 28 May. Available from: plan-golpe-estado-y-magnicidio-contra-maduro [Accessed 26 October, 2015] 731 LA CRUZ, V. (2014) Gobierno implica a Machado en presunto "plan magnicida y golpe de Estado.” El Universal. [Online] 28 May. Available from: politica/140528/gobierno-implica-a-machado-en-presunto-plan-magnicida-y-golpe-de-estad [Accessed 26 October, 2015] 732VTV. (2014) Parece que la página no existe 733 IACHR. (2015) Annual Report 2014 734 IACHR. (2015) Annual Report 2014

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