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REDACTED Page 68 of 190 then been summarily fired once again. 262 The other two, Trastoy and Jiménez, reported receiving no response to their appeals.263 e. Judge Juan Carlos Márquez Barroso of the Ninth Superior Court of Fiscal Disputes was informed of his removal by the President of the Political-Administrative Chamber on 3 June 2005, after he overturned a resolution of the National Telecommunications Commission imposing a large fine on a television channel called Globovisión, that the government has referred to as a public enemy.264 Later, the Constitutional Chamber ordered his reinstitution on a precautionary basis.265 f. The Judicial Commission voided the appointment of María Mercedes Prado as the Twenty-second Trial Judge as she was about to order the conditional release of one of the persons accused of the attacks on the Spanish and Colombian embassies on the grounds that the detainees had been held in custody for more than two years.266 g. In February 2005, Mónica Fernández, judge of the Second Trial Court of the Caracas Metropolitan Area Judicial District Criminal Circuit, was also suspended. She was responsible for the judicial oversight of the warrant to search the home of Ramón Rodríguez Chacín, a former Minister of the Interior and Justice, and his subsequent imprisonment, during the events of April 2002. She was charged with criminal offenses by the Office of Public Prosecutions and later suspended without pay.267 h. In July 2009, Alicia Torres, a provisional judge of the Thirteenth Criminal Control Court of the Caracas Metropolitan Area was removed two days after she claimed that she had been harassed by the Presiding Judge of the Criminal Circuit of Caracas, urging her to order an injunction against the President of the TV Channel Globovisión, Guillermo Zuloaga Núñez and his son. The IACHR after reviewing a recording of the telephone call that Judge Alicia Torres received from the head of the 262 HRW. (2004) Rigging the Rule of Law: Judicial Independence Under Siege in Venezuela. p.13 263 Human Rights Watch telephone interview with María Trastoy; see: HRW. (2004) Rigging the Rule of Law. Chapter IV 264 IACHR. (2009) Democracy and Human Rights in Venezuela 265 GONZÁLEZ, C. A. (2009) La realidad del contencioso-administrativo venezolano. Fundación de Estudios de Derecho Administrativo. p. 102 266 IACHR. (2006) Chapter IV: Human Rights Developments in the Region. Venezuela. Annual Report 2005. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 25 August, 2015] para. 297 267 JUDICIAL COMMISSION OF THE SUPREME TRIBUNAL OF JUSTICE. (2005) Resolution No. 2005-0027. [Online] 30 November. Available from: [Accessed 12 September, 2015]

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