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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 23 of 190 the national compulsory broadcast that: “Ledezma will be held accountable for all his crimes".44 Ledezma was translated to Ramo Verde, a military prison for dangerous offenders. There was a significant but undocument number of cases of tortures, persecution and other inhumane acts of which a few are presented in the specific crimes sections below. Throughout the relevant period, the GoV ruthlessly implemented this plan rewarding the individuals committing crimes on their behalf such as former SEBIN Managing Director Major General Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez, who was promoted to Minister of Popular Power for Interior, Justice and Peace after he was sanctioned by the US government for illegally repressing protesters45 while others failing to implement the GoV’s policy or showing dissent were arrested and charged. 2.Groups and individuals involved in the commission of the crimes The information available suggests that this course of conduct was designed and organized at the highest level of the state apparatus and was executed by at least the following individuals: [REDACTED] 3.Contextual elements of the crime The contextual elements of crimes against humanity are set out in the chapeau element of article 7 (1) as follows: 'crimes against humanity' means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack. 44 LA NACION. (2015) Nicolás Maduro: Ledezma debe responder a la Justicia por los delitos cometidos contra la paz del país 45 KURMANAEV, A. (2015) Venezuela Promotes Spy Chief Banned by Obama Administration. Bloomberg Business. [Online] 10 March. Available from: named-as-interior-minister [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; DIARIO LAS AMERICAS. (2015) Uno de los sancionados por EEUU, ahora es ministro de Maduro. Diario las Americanas. [Online] 11 March. Available from: eeuu-flamante-ministro-maduro.html [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; BBC. (2015) La desafiante respuesta de Maduro a las sanciones de Estados Unidos. BBC Mundo. [Online] 10 March. Available from: _sanciones_obama_ng [Accessed 22 October, 2015]

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