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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 30 of 190 At least 33 and 36 civilians were killed in the context of the protests since 12 February 2014.74 For instance, on 18 February 2014, in Valencia, Carabobo State, student Génesis Carmona was shot in her face allegedly by pro-government armed paramilitaries on motorbikes who were repressing the protest in which she was participating.75 On February 19, in Valencia, Carabobo, Geraldine Moreno, a young student was shot in her face a close distance with a pellet gun by members of the National Guard and died.76 In Caracas, José Alejandro Márquez, was beaten until his death by GNB officers, because he was filming them with his mobile phone as they were repressing a barricade.77 The intensity and violence of the repression was maintained from early February 2014 to on or about October 2014.On the 22 March 2014 for instance three more persons were killed by the pro government armed paramilitaries, Argenis Hernández in San Diego (Carabobo State), Wilfredo Rey in Táchira State and Jesús Orlando Labrador in Mérida State.78 74 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. (2014) Venezuela: informe para el comité contra la tortura de las naciones unidas. 53A session (3-28 november 2014). Amnesty International. [Online] 3 November. Available from: [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; Also see: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. (2015) Venezuela: Balance de derechos humanos tras un año de las protestas 75 EL NACIONAL. (2014) Ordenan pase a juicio a estudiante por caso Génesis Carmona. El Nacional. [Online] 21 August. Available from: Genesis-Carmona_0_468553188.html [Accessed 22 October, 2015] 76 WALLIS, D. (2014) Venezuela deaths rise as unrest claims student and biker. Reuters. [Online] 22 February. Available from: idUSBREA1L0TO20140222 [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; RODRÍGUEZ, M. (2014) Cuando se cayó Geraldine le dispararon en la cara otra vez. El Universal. [Online] 22 February. Available from: la-cara-otra-vez [Accessed 22 October, 2015] 77 MATAMOROS, N. (2014) Falleció José Alejandro Márquez tras varios días en coma. El Universal. [Online] 23 February. Available from: alejandro-marquez-tras-varios-dias-en-coma [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; MADURADAS. (2014) INDIGNANTE! Muere José Alejandro Márquez por brutal golpiza de la GNB en La Candelaria. Maduradas. [Online] 23 February. Available form: alejandro-marquez-por-brutal-golpiza-de-la-gnb-en-la-candelaria-foto/ [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; INFOBAE. (2014) Venezuela: lo mataron por grabar la represión de militares. Infobae. [Online] 24 February. Available from: grabar-la-represion-militares [Accessed 22 October, 2015] 78 BBC. (2014) 'Two killed' in latest Venezuela protests. BBC. [Online] 23 March. Available from:; RODRÍGUEZ, M. (2014) Muere joven herido durante protestas en San Diego. El Universal. [Online] 22 March. Available from: durante-protestas-en-san-diego [Accessed 23 October, 2015]; AP. (2014) 3 more deaths in Venezuela as both sides march. Associated Press. [Online] 23 March. Available from: in-venezuela-as-both-sides-march/2014/03/22/3a48c652-b222-11e3-b8b3-44b1d1cd4c1f_story.html [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; ORE, D. and ELLSWORTH, B. (2014) Venezuela death toll rises to 34 as troops and protesters clash. Reuters. [Online] 22 March. Available from: [Accessed 22 October, 2015]; ULTIMA HORA. (2014) Se reporta otra muerte en medio de las

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