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REDACTED Page 53 of 190 country. 194 Carlos Luzberti, former President and current member of the board of Amnesty International Venezuela, has been shot two times in the last two years.195 Moreover, on 19 February 2015, more than 80 police officers and SEBIN officers arrested the Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma under the charges of conspiracy and association to kill Nicolás Maduro, as was denounced on the 28 May 2014 and the 15 October 2014 by Maduro himself. 196 His lawyer declared that the GoV is using the justice system as a political persecution tool,197 and that Ledezma was incriminated by a witness under torture.198 On 9 April 2015, 25 former presidents of many countries signed “Declaración de Panamá sobre Venezuela” denouncing the “political persecution against the opposition and lack of separation of the five power branches”, and demanded the “immediate release of all the political prisoners” such as Ledezma, López and Ceballos.199 Furthermore, on 11 March 2015 the European Parliament made a Resolution on the situation in Venezuela: 194 EL NACIONAL. (2014) La abogada venezolana Tamara Sujú recibió asilo político en la República Checa. El Nacional. [Online] 24 November. Available from: http://www.el- [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; BATALLÉ, J. (2015) Tamara Sujú Roa, asilada política venezolana. RFI. [Online] 21 April. Available from: exilio [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; EL NUEVO HERALD. (2014) La abogada venezolanaTamara Súju recibe asilo politico en la Republica Checa. El Nuevo Herald. [Online] 24 November. Available from: es/article4125546.html [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 195 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. (2015) Carlos Lusverti herido en Caracas. Amnesty International. [Online] 29 April. Available from: [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 196 EL NACIONAL. (2015) Detuvieron al alcalde Antonio Ledezma. El Nacional. [Online] 19 February. Available from: oficina_0_577742355.html [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; CALCAÑO, M.A.S. (2015) VIDEO: Momento en que detienen a Antonio Ledezma. Runrun. [Online] 19 February. Available from: [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 197 EL VENEZOLANO. (2015) Omar Estado: Esteban encubriendo una persecución política con mascarada judicial. El Venezolano. [Online] 8 April. Available from: politica-con-mascarada-judicial/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 198 LA PATILLA. (2015) Omar Estacio: Un militar torturado “vendió” a Ledezma. La Patilla. [Online] 22 February. Available from: torturado-vendio-a-ledezma/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 199 CHANG, M.L. (2015) 25 expresidentes alertan sobre persecución política e impunidad en Venezuela. Efecto Cocuyo. [Online] 9 April. Available from: expresidentes-alertan-sobre-persecucion-politica-impunidad-y-derechos-humanos-en-venezuela [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; NOTICIERO DIGITAL. (2015) Declaración de Panamá: Grave alteración afecta a los venezolanos. Noticiero Digital. [Online] 9 April. Available from: venezolanos/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015]

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