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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 172 of 190 Tovar.755 The GoV has also persecuted civilians for expressing their political opinions on Twitter. Many have not only been arrested, but also publicly threatened and accused of committing several crimes by senior GoV officials, including Diosdado Cabello and Nicolás Maduro. In its 2014 Annual Report, the IACHR expressed its concern on the matter: “Between August 22 and October 15, at least seven people were arrested after expressing their opinions on Twitter and taken to the offices of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin). Inés Margarita González received a summons from the Office of the General Prosecutor after posting a tweet about the death of the governing party deputy Robert Serra. In her presentation, the 13th Court prosecutor charged her with the offenses of public incitement, violent affront, and insulting a government official, for which she has been in detention since October 8. Six other individuals were arrested after the Speaker of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, accused them on his show Con El Mazo Dando of sending ‘threatening and mocking messages in connection with the murders of Robert Serra and María Herrera.’ The criminal authorities said that the Twitter users were being detained for alleged messages of ‘public incitement.’ According to reports, Ginette Hernández, a humanities student was arrested and charged with computer fraud and spreading public panic and fear for allegedly posting a tweet in which she predicted the death of deputy Serra. Lessy Marcano, Hernández's putative uncle, is accused of the same crimes and using the same account. Leonel Sánchez Camero is under investigation for allegedly hacking the Twitter accounts of Jacqueline Faría, Minister of Communications; Gabriela del Mar Ramírez, the then People Defender; and deputy Eduardo Lima. Víctor Ugas was detained for circulating images of deputy Serra's corpse. Abrahan [sic] David Muñoz, an engineering student, was detained for making comments about the death of deputy Serra. Muñoz has since been released. Daniely Benítez, a humanities student, was arrested for alleged association with the account in which the death of deputy Serra was predicted; however, she has been released because of no proof of any connection to the account.”756 Inés González was arrested in Zulia, on October 8, 2014, under the charges of outrage of a public officer, violent outrage and public instigate to commit a crime, because of 755 LUGO, A. (2015) Policías y colectivos persiguen a miembros del Movimiento Resistencia; and LUGO, A. Miembros del Movimiento Resistencia han sido intimidados; EL NACIONAL VENEZUELA. (2015) Los rostros de la Resisten 756 EL PROPRIO. (2014) Liberaron a Daniely Benítez al descubrir que no era @Hiipolita. El Proprio. [Online] 19 October. Available from: descubrir-Hiipolita_0_611938849.html [Accessed 26 October, 2015]; LEANEZ, J. (2014) Ellos son los jóvenes detenidos por la cuenta en Twitter de @Hiipolita. La Radio del Sur. [Online] 19 October. Available from: en-twitter-de-hiipolita/ [Accessed 26 October, 2015]

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