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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 117 of 190 Besides Genésis Carmona, eight demonstrators were injured. After the incidents, Governor Ameliach repeated his call to counterattack the fascists.481 In addition, the UBCh pro-government armed paramilitary group, along with others such as the Revolutionary Carabobo committed to continue to collaborate with the National Guard in defending the territory.482 (iv) Geraldine Moreno On 19 February, the same date in which Genésis Carmona died, and also in Valencia, in Ameliach’s governed Carabobo state, Geraldine Moreno was killed. Members of the National Guard shot her in the face at close range on her doorstep using an iron pellet gun.483 She died a few hours after from the injuries. 484 481 CARABOBO REPORTA. (2014) Gobernador Francisco Ameliach; AURE, P. (2014) Dijo Pablo Aure ante constantes agresiones a carabobeños 482 LUGO-GALICIA, H. (2014) Desde Carabobo salieron las órdenes “contra ataque fulminante” y “firme contra violentos.” 483 WALLIS, D. (2014) Venezuela deaths rise as unrest claims student and biker 484 RODRÍGUEZ, M. (2014) Cuando se cayó Geraldine le dispararon en la cara otra vez

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