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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 190 of 190 In light of the Prosecution’s submission made on a review of information in the same preliminary examination process in the situation in Cote d’Ivoire it is apparent that: “the evaluation of sources [follows a] consistent methodology based on criteria such as relevance (usefulness of the information to determine the elements of a possible future case), reliability (refers to the trustworthiness of the provider of the information as such), credibility (refers to the quality of the information in itself, to be evaluated by criteria of immediacy internal consistency and external verification), and completeness (the extent of the source’s knowledge or coverage vis-à-vis the whole scope of relevant facts).” 850 “[A] preliminary examination is an analysis of information made available by multiple reliable sources, and not an investigation in which active measures are undertaken to obtain primary evidence to determine the truth.” 851 As set out in the Policy paper on Preliminary examinations: “[s]uch communications shall be analysed in combination with open source information such as reports from the United Nations, nongovernmental organisations and other reliable sources for corroboration purposes”852 and should be considered “in context and not in isolation.”853 It is submitted, in light of the information submitted above, that the situation is not manifestly outside the jurisdiction of the Court and that the OTP should formally commence a preliminary examination in the situation involving crimes committed since February 2014. Prosecutor (ICC). [Online] 30 March. Available from: http://www.icc- [Accessed 27 October, 2015] p.13, para.18. 850 OTP. (2011) ICC-02/11 (Situation in the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Request for authorisation of an investigation pursuant to article 15). Office of the Prosecutor (ICC). [Online] 23 June. Available from: [Accessed 27 October, 2015] p.10, para.24 851 OTP. (2015) ICC-01/13-14-Red. p.12, para.18 852 OTP. (2013) Policy paper on Preliminary examination. p.19, para.79 853 OTP. (2015) ICC-01/13-34. p.9, para.20

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