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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 50 of 190 Táchira. A 14 years-old boy scout, Kluiverth Roa, died after an officer shot him a close distance in the face by lethal weapon. 176 In response to Roa’s death, many protests took place along the country starting the same day of his death. The protestors demanded proper investigations and justice.177 In Zulia, almost 70 students were detained in URBE University (Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin), 178 and a journalist was attacked by National Guard officials who tried to take his camera.179 In Mérida, five demonstrators were injured, three of them by bullets, on a demonstration on the University of the Andes (ULA).180 Furthermore, in the context of the February protests, five students who were participating in unrelated protests across the country went missing. Eventually, their bodies appeared neared the protests in which each one of them was participating, and all of them showed signs of torture. Certain reports argue that they were kidnapped by 176 See: NOTICIA AL DIA. (2015) Video del asesinato de Kluvierth Roa en Táchira. Noticia al Dia. [Online] 25 February. Available from: kluiverth-roa-en-tachira/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; EL NACIONAL. (2015) Daniel Prado compañero de Kluiverth Roa revela datos sobre la muerte en una entrevista. El Nacional. [Online] 27 February. Available from: entrevista_3_582571756.html [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 177 EL NACIONAL. (2015) Universitarios corianos protestan por muerte de Kluivert Roa. El Nacional. [Online] 25 February. Available from: protestan-Kluivert-Roa_0_581341970.html [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; MIAMI DIARIO. (2015) Estudiantes venezolanos salen a las calles nuevamente por la muerte de Kluivert Roa. Miami Diario. [Online] 25 February. Available from: /internacionales/protestas-en-venezuela/estudiantes-muertos/kluivert-roa/334961 [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; DIARIO REPUBLICA. (2015) Jóvenes protestaron también en la ciudad de Coro por la muerte de Kluivert Roa. Diario Republica. [Online] 25 February. Available from: muerte-de-kluivert-roa [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; CONFIRMADO. (2015) Táchira, el más indignado. Continúan protestas contra el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro. Confirmado. [Online] 26 February. Available from: contra-el-gobierno-de-Nicolas-maduro/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 178 MADURADAS. (2015) ¡GRAVE! Enfrentamientos en URBE habrían dejado al menos 70 estudiantes detenidos este #24F. Maduradas. [Online] 25 February. Available from: detenidos-este-24f/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 179 LA PATILLA. (2015) En video: GNB agrede a camarógrafo en Zulia mientras este lo grababa. La Patilla. [Online] 25 February. Available from: gnb-agrede-a-camarografo-en-zulia-mientras-este-lo-grababa/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015] 180 LA PATILLA. (2015) Reprimen con armas de fuego a estudiantes de la ULA; cinco heridos (Fotos). La Patilla. [Online] 25 February. Available from: con-armas-de-fuego-a-estudiantes-de-la-ula-cinco-heridos-fotos/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015]; MADURADAS. (2015) URGENTE! Reportan NUEVAMENTE 3 estudiantes heridos en protesta en ULA Mérida (+Fotos). Maduradas. [Online] 25 February. Available from: merida-fotos/ [Accessed 24 October, 2015]

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