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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 115 of 190 After the events of 12 February 2014, the protests diversified in many cities across the country into pacific marches and gatherings (concentrations), riots or even barricades (“guarimbas”) for a period of eight months, in which they took place almost daily. These protests were repressed by the use of force and resulted in disproportionate violence often used indiscriminately against the unarmed civilians. High level members of the GoV also publicly asked for the intervention of the pro- government paramilitary groups in the repression. For instance, on 16 February 2014, PSUV Governor of the State of Carabobo, Francisco Ameliach, called on pro- government armed paramilitary group Unidades de Batalla Bolívar-Chávez (UBCh) to launch a rapid counterattack against protesters via Twitter. Ameliach said the order would come directly from Diosdado Cabello, the President of the National Assembly. The twit stated: “UBCH get ready for the swift counterattack. Diosdado will give the order. #GringosAndFascistsShowRespect.”473 Following Ameliach’s order, the pro-government armed paramilitaries (in particular the UBCh and the Motorized Carabobo Forces) attacked the demonstrators in Valencia,474 using lethal weapons, as shown by many pictures.475 The Bolivarian National Guard was also repressing the protests and members of the force were present when the paramilitaries opened fire, but they did not intervene to stop them.476 473 EL UNIVERSAL. (2014) Ameliach llamó a prepararse para el "Contraataque fulminante”; VENEZUELA AL DIA. (2014) Ameliach advierte que Cabello dará orden para “contraataque fulminante.” 474 EL UNIVERSAL. (2014) El patrón de la muerte 475 PERÚ INTERNACIONAL. (2014) Génesis Carmona: Estos serían los sujetos que dispararon durante marcha (Fotos) 476 EL UNIVERSAL. (2014) El patrón de la muerte

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