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RED VZLA Urgent Request to the OTP-3

REDACTED Page 123 of 190 worsened the situation. Bearing in mind the Supreme Tribunal of Justice’s precedent which made all spontaneous peaceful protest illegal in April 2014,510 this resolution made things even worse. One month later, in February 2015, to contain the protests celebrating the anniversary of the start of the protest, the GoV deployed the same units previously accused of committing crimes against the protestors with this new direction authorizing the lethal use of force. On 24 February 2015 the National Police severely repressed a protest in San Cristóbal, Táchira. A 14 years-old boyscout, Kluiverth Roa, died after a National Police officer shot him in the face while he was returning home from school.511 Roa came close to a demonstration and tried to help a girl who had been hurt. He tried to hide under a car when a PNB motorcycle approached, but the Police officers stopped 509 GACETA OFICIAL. (2015) Contiene la Resolución No. 008610 del Ministerio de la Defensa 510 ALONSO, J.F. (2014) El TSJ ilegalizó la protesta pacífica espontánea. El Universal. [Online] 25 April. Available from: pacifica-espontanea [Accessed 25 October, 2015]; PANAM POST. (2014) Venezuela: El Tribunal Supremo de Justicia ilegalizó las protestas espontáneas. Panam Post. [Online] 25 April. Available from: ilegalizo-las-protestas-espontaneas/ [Accessed 25 October, 2015]; ALONSO, J.F. (2014) 24A TSJ proscribe las manifestaciones pacíficas espontáneas. [Online] 24 April. Available from: espontaneas/ [Accessed 25 October, 2015] 511 NOTICIA AL DIA. (2015) Video del asesinato de Kluvierth Roa en Táchira; EL NACIONAL. (2015) Daniel Prado compañero de Kluiverth Roa revela datos sobre la muerte en una entrevista

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