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How do you go about spreading a message while choosing to remain anonymous? This is the challenge @Street_Art_And_Graffiti faces every day, because of the choice he made in staying out of the spotlight. Currently working on a big project launching in September which he deems “will change street art as we know it,” this artist’s Instagram account went from 0 to more than 50,000 followers in a year. With the onset of social media as a powerful networking tool, many artists today try to join the bandwagon without being able to fully utilize or even just harness the powers it contains. With a reach as large as his, it’s no wonder he has the passion and drive to do something as major as what he’s cooking up. A Genuine Passion for Street Art When interviewed, the man behind this incredible project explained the passion and reasoning behind creating the account on Instagram and not anywhere else. First and foremost, he really finds delight and enthusiasm for street art, and art in general as well. “Street art has something else because urban art is everywhere: in the streets, on giant walls, in every country, and now in galleries,” he explains. “So, I decided to create an Instagram account where I could share my photos and my passion. I want to share artists that I love, walls, and news… I also travel a lot!” Instagram is a great platform for the visual arts, especially for a person who has gone to places like New York, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, London, Miami, places that show a diverse collection of street art everywhere. He already has more than 600 pictures in his account, displaying gorgeous works from all over the world. Connecting Like-Minded Individuals “Through Street Art And Graffiti, I want to create a really big community of street art patents. I’m also working on a serious project with more than 300 street artists,” he goes further. “I am creating a website but it is confidential at this moment. We are working hard on it for one year. It’s gonna be a real revolution for street art and art in general. The actuality is my website and more… I’m creating a real story.” PARIS, FRANCE TAE MAGAZINE 9

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