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tehk it out Tomorrow is here already, and everyone wants a piece of it yesterday. Art seems to be in the same unstable orbit with its ever changing tools of the trade and latent controversy hanging in the ongoing “what is art technically” analogs. Art can stop us in our tracks and transport us to places where we are unable to move to. How will we handle our crafty vehicles on a journey through the vigorous terrain of art in the future? The eclipsed lines between reality and virtual reality are becoming more and more difficult to discern at a pace that altogether makes most people’s heads spin. Today, a demiurgeous galaxy is unraveling in the electronic élan vital, and you’re the star of the show. Framing is now constituted as a mainframe, and simply viewing art may be considered an archaic option of the past. Presently saturated with digital nebulas of everything you try to in vain to wrap your mind around, art still imitates life, even the artificial kind. The languor and decorum of classical fine art, in the second of profound history it existed, has altered and is up against a sensual predecessor. Bringing the impossible to life served the portraiture of the past and will serve the computer generated alchemy of the present and into the impregnated future, maybe a little too literally. What is itching to be etched into the matrix of our souls? One thing is for certain, art and technology are star-crossed lovers. With this providence set forth and large portions of our lives being documented on the internet, the course has been set for humans and technology to go beyond the courting stage. A visual marriage has been bubbling over with the race to the perfect relationship. The honeymoon is over and the couple wants more to see and do. How do we bring these two love birds closer together? Immersive virtual reality (IVR) is taking the world by storm where you can precisely walk through a town painted red if you desire and know what it smells like. I personally was impressed years ago when By Tracy Black TAE MAGAZINE 55

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