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ArtMeetsFashion INVERNESS AND CRANE Modern.Refined. Beautiful. That’s how San Diego silversmith Katelyn Judson describes her collection, Inverness and Crane. Inspired by Native American influences, vintage jewelry, geometric shapes, and raw stones, Judson has created a collection that is truly beautiful and inimitable. Every piece of jewelry is made entirely by hand, from the making of the mold to the casting of the metal to the choosing of one-of-a-kind stones. Even pieces that are duplicated are unique due to being made by the human hand. Judson says that the best part of her designing experience is adding to the beauty of the women who wear Inverness and Crane pieces. Judson says, “I truly love personalizing each piece so the customer feels like they are wearing a creative representation of themselves.” In order for Inverness and Crane to become a reality, Judson knew she needed an education in metalwork. After relentlessly searching for fine jewelers, Judson landed an apprenticeship in San Luis Obispo. In her time as an apprentice, Judson was painstakingly tested in new materials constantly. Although her apprenticeship was difficult, Judson absorbed every bit of experience it provided her. Soon, metal working became second nature to her and she could officially consider herself a silversmith. Thus, Inverness and Crane was born. Like a true artist, Judson creates based off what mood she is in, guaranteeing pieces that are as distinctive as their creator’s many dispositions. By Hailey Hickman 44 TAE MAGAZINE

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