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EmilyCriscuolo, creatorofBlackWolff Leather, creates handmade leatherwork. From fringe vests to clutches, each piece is a work of art. Crsiscuolo is inspired by the mixing of vibrant colors, contrast in the natural elements, and mystical happenings. No two pieces from Criscuolo’s collection are the same. Criscuolo often begins with a sketch or a certain material, and then builds upon it. She starts with soft, beautiful leather that is cut, dyed and tooled by Criscuolo’s own hand and the creation begins! Each piece is then accented with fringe, beads, artwork, and pops of color. Finally, each piece is finished with re-purposed vintage textiles, which are both rich in color and prints. Criscuolo loves one-of-a-kind treasures, which is why she began creating her own pieces. At the moment, her favorite pieces are anything with fringe, especially vests. The movement that the fringe creates adds drama and style to any outfit. Criscuolo says that the Black Wolff woman is alluring and bold. She states, “I’d like to think that I reflect my personal style into my work, not being afraid of being expressive and wearing what makes you feel like you.” With that being said, Criscuolo believes that the most rewarding part of her design experience is when she creates a piece that speaks to someone and when that person makes it their own. The Black Wolff Leather collection does just that. BLACK WOLFF LEATHER TAE MAGAZINE 45

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