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Imagine your world in black and white. It may sound like a rather boring proposition, but think about it for a moment longer. Imagine the contrast and detail that you would reach out at you from every angle. I think it’s about time you were introduced to Nesch Design, so travel with me to Vienna for a closer look into this captivating artist’s world of ink drawing. Remnants of an empire dissolved nearly 100 years ago offer the Austrian capital an abundance of inspiring scenes from which artists have drawn inspiration for centuries. However, when you experience Nesch’s black and white (and sometimes blue) illustrations for the first time, you’ll realize that his inspiration comes from a different place, a place within. The self-taught 30 year old says he is mostly influenced by people’s stories. He talks about how he creates a mental catalog of stories he hears and pictures he sees, then creates a “mind movie” about what he has taken in. Reviewing these mind movies is what helps him conjure up new subjects for his pieces, his favorites being creatures of the water. He curates a personal collection of magazines and pictures from around the world to help him in his process. His approach is clean and simple, black and white for its powerful expression. The fine detail and strong outlines help his pieces stand out, and the unique subjects captive their audience. A quick pencil sketch is transformed with the help of a few simple black ink markers. By day, Nesch is a company man, a graphic designer and Junior Art Director at a firm with Peugeot and Citroën Cars on the client list. That being said, he certainly doesn’t leave his passion for art and creation at the office. He exemplifies the meaning of TAE, and for that we thank him. @Nesch_Designs VIENNA, AUSTRIA TAE MAGAZINE 53

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