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Although over the years, we have heard “print is dead” time and time again, in reality, print will never die. As explained by Essie Letterpress, “We love the fact that letterpress printing is on the up. It is a very satisfying line of work for us, and we delight in the production of handmade stationery, artwork etc. It is the original form of printing, and we think that it is so wonderful that it is still being used in these modern times! Yes, we do believe that crafted items will remain a commodity, as people are always looking to the past for inspiration and love hand crafted items.” There will always be a market for handmade original art, and letterpress printing is no different. Small Shops like Essie rely on the disconcerting eye of artists to determine quality work, and be entranced by it, time and time again. Each line of type, or mark of ink was thought out and placed specifically, and for a reason. This is functional art, art that can serve a purpose but always will be beautiful to behold. And as we grow more technologically proficient as a society, small shops like Essie Letterpress will continue to thrive by offering something that can’t be duplicated by a machine - organic craftsmanship and their heart and soul put in to each piece. TAE MAGAZINE 25

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