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2Letter from the Editor 6Meet the Team 8 Anonymity on a Mission Street_Art_And_Graffiti is Changing the Way We See Street Art and More 11 Short Story Feature: The Henn House 15 Summer Night Art Social Artist Features 20 We're Obsessed! Our Top 8 Street Artists from Around the World 22 Back to the Roots Letterpress Printing as Art 26 TAE Fav Christopher Konecki 28 Staying Ahead of the Lame 30 Featured Photo of this Issue 32 Graham Smith - The Man Behind The Blue Moon Label 38 The Urge of the Large Urban Space 42 Art Meets Fashion TAE Creative Shoot 46 Art Meets Fashion Gul & Bla From Denim to Donations 47 Art Meets Fashion What’s your favorite thing about summer? 52 Black & White 55 Tehk it Out 58 Wall/Therapy Community Healing and Inspiration in Rochester, NY 62 Because Art is Free 64 TAE Travels Honduras TABLE OF CONTENTS M A G A Z I N E 4 TAE MAGAZINE BLURRY DAY ANOTHER Photography | Noushin Nourizadeh Location | Washington Crossing Park | Philadelphia | 215.353.3212 © 2014 Noushin Nourizadeh

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