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Parisian street artist Globe Painter (AKA Julien “Seth Malland) is on a mission to cover the world in his colorful street art. What makes his work unique is his global perspective. He travels the world, drawing inspiration from life around him, incorporating local symbols and subjects into his work. He often collaborates with local arts learning their traditional craft and exchanging ideas. Hoping to invoke a sense of wide-eyed curiosity among his audience, his work often features children, and the playful way they interact with the world. Globe Painter is also the author of the documentary series Les Nouveaux Explorateurs (The New Explorers) and the travelog “Globe Painter”. He has displayed prominent work in India, China, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and many other countries. Secretive Chinese born, graffiti artists DALeast won’t reveal his name, but he lives in Cape Town, South Africa and travels the world tagging walls. What makes his work distinct is it’s 3D, metallic nature and the way it captures motion. Working at lightning speed, he uses swift strokes of black spray paint, which he builds up with grey and white to create the 3D effect. The sculptural nature of his work is not surprising considering he was studying sculpture at the university, before dropping out in 2004. DALeast’s goal is to provoke personal introspection rather than make a grand political statement. His work often features animals that are disconnected in two separate parts, falling away at the sides. He feels that his animals reflect the human condition, as they are like humans in that we all feel the same pressures, emotions and insecurities in society. Faith47 is an internationally recognized street artist, based out of Cape Town and married to DAL east. She began her career as a graphic designer but found she preferred the fragile and temporary nature of painting on walls. She was also drawn to the experiential nature of meeting interesting people from all walks of life as she worked. Symbolism has always played a huge role in her work. In her earlier work she focused on the juxtaposition of the promise of a better life in her native South Africa and the realities in which most people actually lived. Her later work features more existential symbolism, focusing on nature and the human condition. At this point in her career she could paint at more exclusive galleries but prefers the streets in hopes of inspiring those who live there to come out and create. 24 year old Shamsia Hassani is not only Kabul first female street artist, but the country’s first serious street artist. Hassani is an associate professor at Kabul university and a founding member of the contemporary art collective, Rosht. She learned about graffiti when a British artist, CHU came out in 2010 to teach a week long course. She saw street art as a way to bring art to the uneducated masses. If there is an exhibit in a gallery, no one will know about it or see it. However, if you stencil and spraypaint something on the street then everyone will see it. Hassani sees street art as a vehicle for change. Much of her country has been destroyed by war. She wants to take the bad memories from the war and cover them with color. Much of her work depicts women in burqas. She shows them in modern forms, giving the impression of happiness and movements. She hopes that when people look at her art they will see things differently. TAE MAGAZINE 21 GLOBEPAINTERDALEASTFAITH47 SHAMSIA HASSANI 4 3 2 1

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