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rt therapy has been an accepted discipline for individual treatment for decades. But now there is art therapy for an entire neighborhood and city, and the force behind it is Dr. Ian Wilson of Rochester, NY. Dr. Ian Wilson’s interest in art imagery is congruent with his interest in medical imagery. He is a successful radiologist and professor at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. He founded his first philanthropy, Impact, after a trip to Haiti. Impact’s purpose is to raise funds and provide medical imagery equipment to third world countries. In a phone interview June 17, 2014, Dr. Wilson stated that his original motive in starting to use art therapy in Rochester was directed towards youth. He wanted youth to see a mural and to “ponder” and to “think beyond their immediate situation.” The first mural was "Believe" and the original initiative was called “Visual Intervention.” In 2012, Dr. Ian renamed his goal, “Wall/Therapy”, and aimed it toward the entire city and its neighborhoods. He said he wanted to inspire the city “to be more than it is.” In the planning for "Wall/ Therapy 2013", Dr. Wilson continued his commitment to youth by initiating this event: “Community Dialogue with the Artists” at The School of the Arts at 45 Prince St. Rochester, New York 14607. The School of the Arts is the only art-based middle and high school in Rochester, NY, and has a scholarship program for low income students. This forum has continued to be a part of Wall/Therapy continuing, this year in 2014. Dr. Ian Wilson feels that this forum has made young people believe that they can become artists, make a living, and travel the world. his is the idea behind the “therapy.” Dr. Wilson was quoted as saying: "Mural art can enhance the life experience - an arguable effect of the arts in general." This is how the Wall/ Therapy seems to have worked the last two years. First, it affirms street art….the art of the people who aren’t in the mainstream nor able to attend art institutes. Second, it encourages the work of local and worldwide street artists (as well as some famous “gallery” artists). Thirdly, this mural festival provides an opportunity for people to observe art being created from scratch….people who normally would not have the opportunity to do this. I can see where this could be especially inspiring to children who may have the impression they can never afford to paint in studios with expensive equipment. Finally, one of Dr. Wilson’s goal is to unite the city. People come from all neighborhoods to enjoy the artists and work or later to take a tour of all the completed murals. It goes without saying Bones fua Samuel Rodriguez omen Wall/Therapy 2014 1 Phone interview with Dr Ian Wilson by Hilda A Spann, June 17, 2014 2 HuffPost Arts & Culture, The Blog, posted 7/30/13 by Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington A T 60 TAE MAGAZINE

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