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WE'RE OBSESSED!OUR TOP 8 STREET ARTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD By Kristin Lowry Internationally recognized Brazilian street artist L7M has been spray painting walls since he was 13. Since then he has been experimenting with a variety of materials such as China Ink, Latex, Pastel and Acrylic. His work is unique in its ability to be both rough and elegant at the same time. He combines geometrical elements and stylized color puzzles with detailed realism. He wants to make people both curious and uncomfortable with the contradictory nature of his work. C215 is one of the most well known names on the street art scene today. His work can be seen all over the world in India, Israel, Poland, the USA, Senegal, Russia, Morocco, his home- country of France and London. Hailing from Paris, his real name is Christian Guemey. C215 is his artistic identity. The C stands for real name, Christian, and the 215 stands for the room he was in when he decided on his current life path. His work is characterised by the use of stenciling and spray paint. Holding a masters degree in both history and art, he often draws inspiration from traditional techniques. In addition to nature and architecture, his work often features the plight of “broken people” marginalized by society. As an orphan himself, he feels an affinity for those themes. He aims to make the invisible, visible through his art. StinkFish is a street artist based out of Bogota, Columbia. He uses found photography, reimagining the images as street art murals. His work is often characterised by wild colors and patterns. Even as a young child, Stinkfish was restless and creative. He would wander the streets of Bogota, curious about everyone he met. This curiosity would later inspire his work as an artist. He always carries a camera with him, taking pictures of unsuspecting people he finds interesting. He feels that portraits capture real people living face to face. After finding the right image, he then goes to work using a combination of stencil and freestyle techniques. He looks for older walls that are visible to a lot of people, yet not surrounded by commercialism. He sees the value of street art as being an accessible medium to anyone. With street art, there are no limits or exclusions Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra is known for his massive murals that combine technicolor patterns with images from bygone eras. He likes to infuse the black and white images with color and life, using a variety of techniques ranging from brushes to aerosol cans. When he arrives at a new location, he scours museums and old book stores to find old images that best represent the place he is in. Kobra is inspired by the intersection of the nostalgic and the modern. His purpose in painting murals is to show younger people what life was like in the past and give older people a chance to remember. 20 TAE MAGAZINE L7MC215STINKFISHKOBRA 8 7 6 5

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