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A Stockholm Sweden brand is serving up something for a youthful generation since 1966. While fitting the world with the most premium denim on the market, they're giving a piece of their pie back to the world and paying it forward. Back in 1960, Maria and Lars Knutsson created Gul&Blå from realizing how the fashion scene was lacking denim for a younger crowd, they sought to change how stores were supplying denim made to appeal to their parents. Once opening their store and filling it with what the youth were craving, it was an instant success. Creating and manufacturing their own collection cut costs and assisted in their original pieces such as the, “V”-jeans and the evolutionary TT-jeans which became an instant big hit. Today they carry six different models of jeans with nine different washes. They continuously create and update their denim from the belief that denim doesn't fall into seasons, but follows society’s trends. This coming season, they're feeling lighter washes and a baggy boyfriend fit or women. Luckily for them, they're able to adapt quickly to new trends since the company is small and ran by a few close friends. Although this company is small, that doesn't stop them from giving what they can back. Enter project Butterfly Effect. After living in Uganda in 2010, the idea for the Butterfly effect was born. Impressed with Paul Alita who runs PCA, which helps kids in need, the Butterfly Effect is a nonprofit organization that collects funds in Sweden for existing projects in developing countries. They believe that everyone should help each other, and that the ones who live in hardships know what's needed. What began as donations from their friends and family turned into a family home for street kids. They pay for the kids to attend school, which is quite costly in Uganda. They hope to have members donate money each month because no matter the amount that is donated, every bit helps. Along with donations, the brand sends clothing and holds fundraisers in Stockholm to help the kids stay off the streets. This fall the company will be selling a bag with their logo which all proceed will go straight to the kids. As for the future for Gul&Blå, they are ready to maintain their successful history and stay on top of trends. They are eager to share their Swedish styles and culture with the international market. While at the brink of a new era upon them, the company is open minded and ready for whatever the future may hold. For more on Gul&Blå check out their site SWEDEN & AFRICA 46 TAE MAGAZINE

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