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I’d like to welcome you to the first edition of TAE, the blog turned online magazine, established to discover and share art and creativity with the world, forever inspiring others to do what they love. Our quarterly paperless magazine will give you access to an abundance of content while making sure the trees on which it would normally be printed get to stay right where they are. A spin off of the online blog The Art Elephant, TAE is a movement towards the liberation of unique and expressive artists in every medium imaginable (and then some!). We are here to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for creative thinkers worldwide. Art has a potential and reach that is limitless, and we explore the often overlooked, seek the undiscovered, and aim to meet the next Banksy, Claude Monet, David Carson, or Ansel Adams (personal inspirations of mine). We are here to help them be seen, heard, and understood while inspiring others along the way. What started as a passion project for a creative designer and photographer has evolved in to something much larger. Since starting the blog from my home computer, TAE has expanded to an office in downtown San Diego and allowed me the opportunity to build a strong relationship with art community online and locally. I have had the chance to meet, interview, and collaborate with creatives from around the world, some of which are featured in this issue. Our inaugural issue derives its inspiration from travel, and you’ll find over 20 articles from around the world. We have included features and articles from some of my favorite locations (think South Africa, Austria, France, Honduras, and many more!). Travel within the digital pages to explore exciting projects and events, unique art finds, and visionary artists. Join the TAE Movement by spreading the word and subscribing to our free magazine on our website! Follow our social media for your daily dose of inspiration and to see where we go next. San Diego’s Summer Night Art Social (an event we put on) marked the official launch of an inspiring new magazine and the beginning of an adventure for everyone involved. A very sincere thank you goes out to Paul Ecdao of Thumbprint Gallery, Disconnected Salon, and all of the amazing artists showing their work; Eric Wixon, Mimi Yoon, Keemowerks, Lauren Turton (all of which are featured inside). Chantelle Lamoreaux Editor in Chief ARE YOU READY TO SHOW THE WORLD YOUR CREATIVITY? I AM! TAE MAGAZINE 3

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