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Clearly, the drive and excitement the owner of @Street_Art_And_Graffiti has is something he wants to share with the world. While he explains that he doesn’t necessarily know the artists he’s currently collaborating with, the important thing is that he loves their works and that he’s a fan of their art. “I wanted to promote their with all my followers,” he says. “Sometimes artists send me photos of their new walls and I feature them on my insta.” The Perfect Platform at the Perfect Time He tried dabbling in other social networks, but stuck with Instagram because for him, nothing is as powerful. “I think Instagram is the best social network. Most of the photos which are on Instagram are masterpieces,” he says. “I have tried to create a Twitter account but it is not as powerful.” True enough, as the Twitter counterpart only has a little over a hundred followers, a far cry from the obsessive following he has on Instagram. A lot of people may be naysayers, believing that posting on Instagram is a piece of cake. He proves otherwise. “I created Street Art & Graffiti one year ago. I have now 50K followers but it was very hard,” he confesses. “When you start, you have 0 followers and it is very frustrating because you don’t know how to begin,” he recalls. “I began to shared photos, then I started to put hashtags and I had maybe 20 likes apiece. I started noticing the trend so I shared more and more photos of pictures I have shot in the street.” “Artists began to follow me and I began to be famous on Instagram, and now I have 50k followers that include a big community of artists,” he continues, “but it was difficult that I’m taking a lot of time to do this and to do it seriously. It is a real job.” Based in Paris, Reaching Out Worldwide While @StreetArtAndGraffiti is based in Paris, France, he takes great care in uniting the street art scene globally. “The artists are from everywhere in the world,” he gladly shares, “and most of them are from the US and South America.” He also makes sure that he interacts with his growing list of followers. “It’s not easy,” he confesses, saying he tries to check out his followers every now and then to view and like their photos whenever he’s tagged. “I’m also very honored because a lot of them put the #streetartandgraffiti (hashtag),” he muses. “More than 11,000 photos are referenced. Recently I posted on my account to ask where my followers are from, and I was very surprised because they’re from all over the world. It is just magic!” 10 TAE MAGAZINE

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