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the hareturned to me, “Ready to go?” she said with wide eyes. I glared, tired, but ready for whatever was about to happen next. “We’re going off the grid!” I found myself later that night past the city limits with the Hare in a photography studio room. Everything in the studio was coated with a blinding, unnatural white light including the floor, the ceiling and the backdrop. I felt as if I was standing in the middle of a Willy Wonka scene about to be teleported and reconfigured into the size of a candy bar. In full force, the Hare took one swig of whiskey and walked onto the blinding platform. “I’m ready,” she glared at the camera like a gladiator. With each flash, the Hare peeled back layer upon layer. Her body was loud and there was nothing delicate or hidden about her. She attracted her prey, the camera, and everything in the room gravitated toward her movement. Suddenly, bare skinned, she paused mid- character and spotted a fluffy white chinchilla across the room. “I’m going to need that,” she said and winked at the photographer who was slightly frightened his furry woodland creature was about to make its first camera debut. So there we were, the naked Hare, complete with jewelry alongside a frantic chinchilla dashing across the room. The fur was flying. It was bizarre and awesome all at the same time. The Hare rolled all over the white studio. Nothing could stop her. She wasn’t afraid of being exposed, and I wondered if she had ever been afraid of anything in her whole life. Then what seemed like a split second, the photographer turned to me. My eyebrows curled and my stomach dropped, and I knew what he was about to say. Photo Credit: to be continued TAE MAGAZINE 13

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