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8GETTING STARTED Any community can adapt and re-imagine a High- WaterLine, even if you are not near a waterfront. Climate change will impact daily life in each community distinctly, making the focus on your local region important. You will find in some areas that local government or nonprofit organizations have already initiated action plans for responding to or adapting to climate change. In many places you can check with your County Water agency, State Department of Water Resources, Office of Emergency Management or County Floodplain Management to access flood maps for your region. Public opinion about climate change is also complicated, so focusing on strategies like public engagement can offer an opportunity to educate and build consensus in your local community. Never assume that you know everything that is happening in your own backyard! MAKING IT LOCAL AGENCY: Empowering Self & Community Since 2007 when Mosher performed the HighWaterLine in New York City, many arts organizations globally have invited her to replicate this work in multiple cities such as Dublin, San Francisco, and The Hague. However, Mosher is committed to keeping her work local. The thought of flying around the planet to teach about climate change seemed to Mosher problematic to the work itself. The artist would prefer that communities recreate her work as their own. The HighWaterLine is then a platform for empowerment and agency, inviting self- motivated actions inspired by her work. In the artworld, the HighWaterLine would be consid- ered a form of social practice, which usually involves engaged art making with a particular community or place. Much of this work is open source or D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) encouraging individuals to share resources and build on collective skills sets, encouraging community regeneration and individual empowerment. In the social sciences, agency is the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. In the case of this learning guide, Mosher wants to inspire agency in all individuals who recreate her HighWater- Line as a social practice artwork.