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23Stage 4 How will Climate Change affect nonhuman species? What are the arguments against global warming? What countries are producing the most emissions and from what source? How will you engage the public in conversation about climate change? How can art and design provide opportunities to talk about climate change? What was your experience of performing the HighWaterLine? Questions to consider 1. Gather all of the materials used throughout the project – field notes, planning documents, research, maps, photos and other media 2. Organize these materials to create an outline for a presentation or workshop 3. Prepare a presentation or way to share your process and outcomes with your community 4. Share your HighWaterLine project and the stories that came out of this artwork 5. Host a public exhibition or public presentation 6. Invite a local environmental organization or university scientist to share climate research 7. Create email list and Facebook page to promote your presentation 8. Design a webpage to display documentation and information on your project online ACTION STEPS