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14Stage 2 In 2007, Eve Mosher used USGS Topographic maps of the region and transferred that data onto Community Walks to mark the path she would take to mark the line. STAGE 2 Map the HighWaterLine Map your community to determine the potential impacts of climate change “I am interested in working on maps that explore the areas around the 10 foot above sea level line. Looking at the obvious things, like ethnicity, age, income, number of people in household, language spoken. But also other things like the infrastructure and what area it services. Things like distance from transportation in case of evacuation, immigration status (are the coastal dwellers new or old New Yorkers), types of industry.” Eve Mosher 12/4/2007 BLOG POST Stage 2 invites participants to visualize climate science by mapping projected sea level rise or flood zones. This can be an empowering stage of the project. It is through this visual activity that participants can make it real in their own backyard. ACTIONS • Visualize scientific research • Learn about the local topography • Measure distance along waterways • Utilize maps to chart flood zones • Identify important infrastructure in flood zones Eve’s STORY