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4GETTING STARTED Overview The HighWaterLine ACTION GUIDE was developed to accommodate a wide range of participants including nonprofit organizations, school groups, and individuals. It can easily be a weekend workshop, an entire semester, or annual project of research, production and presentation. The project is considered a reproducible tool for anyone interested to take action addressing climate change. Although the range of impacts due to climate change are vast and include extreme weather, drought, food shortages and more, the guide specifically focuses on educating and activating communities to reduce C02 emissions, and to advocate for adaptation, mitigation and resiliency. Participants will begin to understand conceptually through active visualization how accelerated global warming will impact the people and the environment in their community. Activities found in the guide have been broken into STAGES, which can be executed individually or all together, and at the depth that makes sense with the learning goals of an organization or institution. Included in each stage are ACTION STEPS to create your own placed based HighWaterLine. At the end of the guide are RESOURCES and SUPPLEMENTAL ACTIVITIES sections that can be aligned with Common Core Standards. GETTING STARTED Participants will take action in the following areas: • Climate change research • Storm surge mapping • Navigating public space • Sharing information and stories