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6getting started Dear Friends, I am so glad that you are considering the HighWaterLine as a project to undertake in your community. When I started the project in 2006, I didn’t really understand how meaningful it would be to go out and draw the line. Over the course of the project, I learned so much about my watershed and how it might be affected in the face of climate change. Doing this project gave me the opportunity to have amazing conversations with people living in New York City about what could happen in the event of sea level rise and increased storm intensity. Taking action changed the way I viewed my community and it gave me a voice in the global conversation on climate change. Now, more than ever, the effects are all around us: decreased snow-cover, rising sea levels, intense heat, drought, and stronger more frequent storms. Climate change is real, and the recent extreme weather and “superstorms” are predicted to get much worse over the next century. We all play a part in contributing to climate change, but we can also do a number of things to increase awareness, and change our own habits and actions when addressing this important issue. Everyone who undertakes this project has a chance to connect with the environment and their neighborhoods in new ways. It is an opportunity for you to invite dialogue about climate change, and to build tools to address this important issue in your own region. Take your time while drawing the line, talk to people, you can make a difference. Good Luck! Eve