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20stage 3 If you use chalk, one bucket of chalk weighs approximately 50 lbs and each bucket covers about 1/3ofamile .Estimatedcostforlayingdown2miles of chalk in a line is approximately $40-50 . If you choose to mark the line with the baseball marker there are a few ways to locate or purchase equipment online . If you are aligned with a public school, you might consider talking with the physical education teacher to either borrow equipment or order through the school at a discount . Although the artist of the HighWaterLine used a Dry Line Marker and chalk, which she mixed with blue pigment, there are other ways to make an ephemeral line with or without the baseball marking equipment . Alternatives include sun- flower seeds or birdfeed for small birds in urban environments, limestone powder, and vinyl arrows or dots that have adhesive backing . WHAT TO MARK THE LINE WITH?resources