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34credits & acKnowledgments credits & acKnowledgments acknowledgments A work that is community based in nature requires a community to support it and see it thrive. The artist, Eve Mosher, is greatly indebted to all the wonderful people who have been a part of the project from its inception and who will continue supporting the project in the future. guide authors: Patricia Watts, Lead Author Eve Mosher, HighWaterLine Artist Christopher Kennedy, Supplemental Activities Thor Snilsberg, CityScience Anna Larson, educator Gavin Cowie & Sharon Mosher Hose Cedeno Justin Lange and Cicala Filmworks The Canary Project Curtis Hamilton Cynthia Rosenzweig, Vivian Gornitz, and Radley Horton, NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies The Compton Foundation Supported in part by individual donors from the Indiegogo campaign Art & Ecology Learning Guide Series 2013-2014 CC Attribution-Non-commercial 3 .0 Licensed For more information: Design credit: Bonnie Beregszaszi, Someone & Somebody