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Food & Beverage Reporter Jan-Feb 2016 FOOD & BEVERAGE REPORTER | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 | 7 fast track for 2016 • 16% made an energy claim • 14% made an Omega 3 claim Other lower-ranked claims included oral, heart, immunity, brain and bone health Bottom of the claims list was, perhaps surprisingly, weight loss. I suspect this is because, as regulatory regimes are tightening around all health claims - and weight loss is one of the most abused and therefore becoming one of the most tightly monitored claims - companies are just not being allowed to get away with extravagant, usually mythical, claims. Botanical ingredients are on their way up, especially herbs and spices, because of their science-based health propositions, says Innova. The fastest growing health and wellness botanicals in recent new product launches include turmeric, maca, ginger, oregano, ashwaganda, cinnamon, milk thistle, ginseng and gingko. The focus on health received further impetus from this Innova insight: health(ier) snacking is becoming an all-day affair. As the pace of life gets ever faster, consumers are finding less time for formal meals and are looking instead to frequent, small snacks. The ingredient choices for these snacks have strong wellness propositions: seeds, nuts, ancient/ sprouted grains, cacao, dried veggies and fruits are shaking up the snack category. Big product shout-outs include: Raw, Organic, Gluten-Free, Preservative-Free, Non-GMO … In the dairy sector, products with digestive/gut health claims were the biggest launch category between 2010 and 2014, but the real action now is around protein content. The protein market (not just dairy) is in a rapid growth phase as consumers (not just muscle jocks) are embracing the health benefits of amino acids. Plant proteins are on a roll with a 24% growth in new product launches during 2013/14. I was struck by how many companies at FIE had alternative protein offerings (pea, rice, egg, hemp etc). Innova suggested a powerful new niche for the dairy sector could be protein-enriched yoghurts. You don’t have to be a Tim Noakes fan to recognise that, at the upper end of the market there have been big changes in consumer perceptions of grains. Gluten-free products started the trend away from wheat and it has been accelerating ever since we re-discovered nutritious “ancient” grains, mainly from South America. Quinoa, spelt, amaranth ...continued on page 10 Peter Wennstrom … failure rate of products with health claims is very high. Top trends for 2016 1. Growth in clear, clean labelling 2. Free-from is foremost 3. The ‘flexitarian’ effect 4. Processing the natural way 5. Green light for vegetables 6. Creating a ‘real food’ link 7. Small players, big ideas 8. Beyond the athlete (proteins) 9. The indulgence alibi 10. Tastes for new experiences TRENDS 2016

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