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Food & Beverage Reporter Jan-Feb 2016

8 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 | FOOD & BEVERAGE REPORTER A t the same time as FIE in Paris, New Hope Natural Media, one the most diligent observers of the US natural products sector, released its Next trends report for 2016. Here are highlights of the report - much of which supports the Innova research (Bruce Cohen’s comments in italics): BACK TO THE FUTURE Ancient is the new modern and product categories closely aligned with food wisdom … namely whole-food, plant- based … carry the brightest futures. Think ancient grains and seeds like quinoa, spelt and chia, and superfoods like maca and sacha inchi. Put another way: The market potential for nutrient-dense, Grandma-approved food ingredients remains unparalleled. BC: I would have thought pasture-fed/grass- fed/organic meats as well as sustainable fish with hormone- and antibiotic-free claims would also be high priority for “conscious” consumers. Perhaps that’s already a given. FOLLOW THE FOOD TRIBES Food tribes are close-knit communities (both in-person and virtual) bound by not only nutritional and health needs but also personal values, beliefs and behaviours. They include networks such as Paleo dieters, raw foodies, allergen and ailment support groups who connect over shared medical, philosophical or religious needs. Made up of early and passionate product adopters, food tribes exert tremendous influence within their personal and professional spheres and, through this influence, push their ideas into the mainstream population. BC: The Banting “tribe” in SA is a poster child of this trend (see our Against the Grain feature story this month). Also, with SA being one of the global leaders in GMO food production, the small but loud anti-GMO tribe is starting to beat its drum loudly - it will only get louder. MORE PROTEIN, PLEASE Unlike fats and carbohydrates, protein is the one macronutrient that has never faced a backlash from consumers or nutrition professionals. In fact, the health ...continued on Page 11 The American view: Grandma knows best TRENDS 2016 The market potential for nutrient-dense, Grandma-approved food ingredients remains unparalleled.

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