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Food & Beverage Reporter Jan-Feb 2016

36 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 | FOOD & BEVERAGE REPORTER By Aarifah Nosarka i Foodbag CEO and founder Karl Fallgren describes it as a game changer: frozen and chilled products can now be protected in transit for up to 24 hours. Without refrigeration. Food retailers, says Fallgren, have always struggled to offer an efficient logistical solution for temperature- controlled home deliveries, but will now be able to pack frozen and chilled goods in the iFoodbag and ship them in conventional vehicles, confident that freshness will be maintained. “Groceries will remain super-cool in the package, thus preventing spoilage. It’s cost-effective and easy to use,” he says. iFoodbag rolled out in Sweden last November and is being launched in 48 countries, including SA, during 2016. It’s made from an innovative paper- based composite material which has several patents pending. The company says tests conducted by a leading Swedish research institute verified iFoodbag’s ability to keep goods such as groceries and pharmaceuticals chilled or frozen. Fallgren says the tests showed iFoodbag’s effectiveness even when outside temperatures reached 60 degrees C. “This proves the iFoodbag has unique benefits.” iFoodbag has signed an exclusive global production agreement with SA’s Mondi group division, Mondi Industrial Bags. According to Fallgren, this followed a thorough assessment of several production partners. “We wanted a forward- thinking company to market this amazing product. They [Mondi] are a leader within their industry, with production facilities all over the globe. We have the leading and unrivalled technology for temperature- controlled goods. So we are a perfect match,” Fallgren adds. Mondi Industrial Bags deputy COO and sales and marketing director Claudio Fedalto says the package will provide benefits to both consumers and retailers. “We are excited about this new product. We strongly believe in the innovative strength of the iFoodbag’s idea. In the past we have driven innovation for our customers, and the iFoodbag concept is a perfect fit with our innovation culture. “We will support iFoodbag with our expertise in bag production, our packaging know-how and our strong and global production footprint.” INNOVATION iFoodbag is coming to SA The iFoodbag … cost-effective solution to cold-chain delivery Fallgren … unique benefits It’s an innovative invention that aims to transform global online grocery shopping. It’s the iFoodbag. And Mondi is making it.

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