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Food & Beverage Reporter Jan-Feb 2016 FOOD & BEVERAGE REPORTER | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 | 29 for full traceability, will be on display. “It speeds up production times and increases yields. The capability to simultaneously heat, mix, pump and induct powder with no moving parts makes the finished product quality world- leading,” says Norris. The Jet Cook Steam Infusion system will remain in SA after the exhibition. It will be transferred to the Cape Peninsular University of Technology (CPUT) in the Western Cape where it will be accessible for trialling on products. Heat and Control will be featuring its Fastback Revolution mid-gate conveyor discharge system that keeps the main product supply flowing as it allocates proportional amounts to individual weigher or bagger stations. The mid-gate is a rotary-style gate, like a valve in a liquid system. Its unique cylindrical design eliminates pinch-points to prevent product damage and operator injury. A wide range of product throughputs can be quickly and proportionally distributed to multiple packaging stations with no leaks, cross-contamination, or “starving” of downstream equipment. A Revolution mid-gate can be located anywhere on the conveyor pan, not just at the end, and two mid-gates can be used with one FastBack drive and pan. See it on display. International technology group GEA Process Engineering will unveil its new corporate image, “One GEA”, at Propak 2016. GEA has firmly moved into the bakery sector of the food industry with its recent acquisition of COMAS in Italy. Bakery is a new sector for GEA, broadening and strengthening its position in the food industry and adding a totally new set of equipment to the ... continued on Page 30 PROPAK 2016 Big One Not just hot air …. Buckle’s SAXON SH100 sealer. All in one … DC Norris’ Jet Cook system.

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