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Food & Beverage Reporter Jan-Feb 2016 FOOD & BEVERAGE REPORTER | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 | 25 S onoco has introduced a clear can as an alternative to the traditional metal cans that have been a mainstay packaging option for decades. The TruVue can, made with Sonoco’s patented FUSION Freshlock Technology™, is made of a highly engineered, multilayer plastic substrate that allows consumers to see the product inside. It incorporates the easy-open metal lid and metal bottom that consumers prefer on a traditional metal can. Sonoco says the clear, retortable plastic can has the potential to revolutionise not just the canned food aisle in supermarkets, but an entire food category that has not seen significant innovation in decades and is challenged to meet the demands of a new generation of shoppers. “With more than 47 000 products competing for attention in the average supermarket, standing out from the crowd is increasingly important,” says Sonoco President and CEO Jack Sanders. “This is especially true for processed and shelf-stable foods like soups, sauces, fruits and vegetables and even wet pet foods – products traditionally sold in a metal can in the centre of the store, an area which is losing share to fresh products found on the perimeter. This new solution creates multiple placement opportunities around the store, including high-traffic areas like the perimeter.” The can uses the same filling, seaming and retorting machinery as metal cans. It has a three-layer plastic construction (PP outer and inner layers, with an EVOH barrier). Sonoco: INNOVATION GET MORE OUT OF FOOD HEATANDCONTROL.COM | Cape Town +27 21 948 5934 Since 1950 OvER sixTy FivE yEARs OF iNNOvATiON & wORLD-CLAss sERviCE With manufacturing facilities and sales offices worldwide, Heat and Control supports manufacturers with experience, expertise and resources to develop the most value driven and efficient solutions for any food production challenge. Processing + Packaging Systems Snack | Process Prepared | French Fry | Conveying Seasoning + Coating | Weighing + Packaging Inspection | Controls + Information We are on RGB / .eps Meet us @B31 2016 What you see is wha you get .. the TruVue can Yes, it’s a can ... only better “With more than 47000 products competing for attention in the Cape Town +27219485934

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