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Reproduced by Australian Atatürk Cultural Centre Inc. 4 Republic, which bring thought and action together and which may be equally valid for all nations of the world. Most of the speeches delivered by Atatürk at various times and places have been published in Turkey in the form of texts running into thousands of pages. The texts you are now going to read consist entirely of statements made by Atatürk since 1917. Not a single word has been added. In the conclusion, I have tried to show that Atatürkism is something more than just a utopian vision and in this I have made use of my previous research. I hope that the statements quoted in this brochure may serve to throw some light upon the personality of one of the most influential statesmen of the twentieth century3 . Gürbüz D. Tüfekçi 3 On November 28, 1978, UNESCO's General Conference adopted a resolution related to the 100th anniversary of Atatürk's birth, acknowledging that his action was always directed towards the promotion of peace, international understanding and respect for human rights. In a ceremony held at the United Nations Headquarters on September 30, 1981, ‘The Atatürk Award’ was presented "in recognition of the historic contribution of the world organization and its specialized agencies to peace, progress, development and harmony among nations," bearing the signature of General Kenan Evren, Head of State of Turkey, and the award was received by the UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim from Turkey's Foreign Minister İlter Türkmen.

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