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Reproduced by Australian Atatürk Cultural Centre Inc. 19 thinks of the safe being and happiness of his own. Just as he values the happiness of his own nation, so he should do his best to promote the happiness of all nations of the world. All wise people will appreciate that nothing will be lost by working to this end, since striving for the happiness of all nations on earth indirectly amounts to working for one's own peace and happiness.52 Human Ideals Before long the whole world will know what justice really is. Justice makes society really human. The sole concern of all nations will then be love of humanity. The move to promote humanitarian ideals is bound to succeed sooner or later. One day oppressed nations will rise up against their oppressors and the words oppressor and oppressed will then disappear from the earth and a social structure befitting mankind will result. When that time comes, our nation will feel truly proud of having been one of the pioneers amongst nations who have achieved this objective.53 The concept of humanity has now become sufficiently elevated that it helps purify our conscience and sublimate our feelings. Observing and reviewing the facts and related requirements as civilised human beings in the light of a sublimated conscience, we come to the following conclusions. To let people slaughter each other allegedly with the object of making mankind happy is both inhuman and deplorable in the extreme. The only way to make people happy is to activate their energy potential so that they do things which will bring society closer together, which in turn will make people love one another more. In this way people's material and spiritual needs can be met. Human happiness in a peaceful world depends on the number of people sharing this sublime ideal and how successful they are.54 It is my conviction that, if lasting peace is desired, international measures for improving the lot of the masses must be adopted. Starvation and oppression must be replaced by prosperous living shared by the whole of mankind. In order to stave off covetousness, greed and spite, citizens the world over must be educated.55

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