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Reproduced by Australian Atatürk Cultural Centre Inc. 18 It is our opinion that the most workable form of politics is that which is national. In view of the conditions prevailing in the world and realities and experience gained over the course of many centuries, there can be no bigger error than that of being given to fancy. This is what history tells us; we should follow the dictates of science, wisdom and logic.49 With Russian representatives on the 10th anniversary of the Republic Nationalism In order that our nation may lead a robust, happy and vigorous life, the government must follow a purely national policy which relies on our own internal organisation and which is in full conformity with our internal affairs. What I mean when I refer to a national policy is as follows; working within our national boundaries for the true happiness and progress of the nation and the country by relying primarily on our own resources in order to safeguard our existence, and avoiding damage to the nation by wasting time in the pursuit of unattainable objectives. The civilised world must be expected to display civilised and humane behaviour, friendship and understanding.50 In bringing up our children we need to impress on them the need to fight against foreign influences, which threaten their existence, their rights or their unity. Above all, we should impress on them that they should stand up for their country in the face of those who seek to undermine it. It is most important to inject these qualities into the moral fibre of the new generation. The1 philosophy of life in all human societies makes people fiercely competitive and so all nations require these qualities.51 However, the nations of the world have now become very close to one another. So a person must think of the peace and prosperity of all nations on earth as much as he

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