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Reproduced by Australian Atatürk Cultural Centre Inc. 17 There is no problem which intelligence and logic cannot solve. And knowledge and science are the guides of the intellect.43 By continually penetrating the secrets of nature, the human intellect has evolved and established sciences which encourage those who are striving to reach the truth and which shed light on the history of mankind.44 Science has revealed to man the secrets of the grandeur of human society. The revelation in question belongs to the interdependence of human beings.45 National Independence Every nation has the right to demand proper treatment and no country should violate the territory of any other country.46 Whilst nations are the owners of the land they inhabit, they are at the same time agents with responsibilities to mankind as a whole. Whilst they may exploit the resources of the land, they are also under an obligation to serve mankind too. Nations, which are incapable of doing so, are not, in the light of this prescription, entitled to an independent existence.47 World Government It is a pleasant theory that nations could forget their differences, stress the positive aspects of their relationships and form a single society for the benefit of humanity. Even if this theory were put into practice, it would be necessary to have an organisation to establish peace, order and justice within such a gigantic society as well as a source of power on which any such organisation could rely. The organisation might be something like this: Assuming that the representatives of all the inhabitants of the earth were elected on the same basis and got together to form a parliament, they would then also set up a world government. This government would run the whole world and the whole of mankind. But note that any such government would naturally be composed of those in the majority in the parliament, and you may well wonder which nations would form such a majority.48 Gathering different nations together under a single banner and founding a powerful state by making all the different elements keep to the same laws and regulations is an impressive political proposition. It is deceptive nevertheless. For example, quite apart from frontiers, the unification of even all the Turks in the world within a single state is utterly impossible. This is a fact borne out by past centuries, by many centuries of human life at the cost of much agony and bloodshed. There is no example in history of Pan-Islamic or Pan-Turanian policies succeeding or proving a practical proposition. And history records what happens to those who dream of building worldwide empires made up of the whole of mankind irrespective of racial differences. But of course ambitions of conquest lie entirely outside the scope of our discussion. The idea of getting people to forget their prejudices and lay aside their personal preferences in order to bring them together in equality for the purpose of founding a humanitarian government seems to be quite unattainable.

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