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THE SOPHOMORE – ePaper 1 – 150

THE SOPHOMorE 58 | FOR BOOK WORMS The New York Public library doesn’t only own a collection of over 51 million items, but is also just breathtaking to look at. Even if you’re not that much into books, the building is huge and beautiful and you should definitely check out the reading room – a room with incre- dibly high ceiling and gorgeous murals that stretches as far as two (!) whole city blocks. Most of the time there are also exhibitions and readings going on. FOR BEER LOVERS The Brooklyn brewery offers free tours on saturdays and sundays. Take a look at how a brewery works and maybe enjoy a pint after- wards. FOR TREE HUGGERS Try the bronx botanical garden. This one’s free on tuesdays from 10 am to noon. wake up early and enjoy a relaxing and interesting walk through a beautiful collection of diverse flora and head over to the Brooklyn museum afterwards (this one also works on the pay- what-you-wish system).

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