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THE SOPHOMORE – ePaper 1 – 150

THE SOPHOMorE | 57 TAKE A STROLL THROUGH CENTRAL PARK This may sound like a no-brainer, but even if it’s nice just taking a relaxing walk through the beautifully designed park and en- joying the skyline while doing so, central park has a lot more to offer. There are free nightly bike-tours once a month and there is always something going on, a concert, gatherings, most of it for free. The beautiful scenery only adds to that. Or: try Bryant Park in winter and go ice-skating. Sometimes you can catch a free concert or movie screening. GO WINDOW SHOPPING New York has the prettiest, most dazz- ling and detailed shop displays. Even if you’re low on money or trying to stay on a budget it can be a lot of fun to just walk around and take in all the beau- tiful displays. They’re almost always themed, and incredibly so. Walking from window to window and getting a good look at all the things going on almost seems like visiting a museum and is a nice way to pass the time. Go to 5th Avenue and stroll around and if you’re into it stop by Tiffanys and eat a croissant, like the movie.

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