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THE SOPHOMORE – ePaper 1 – 150

THE SOPHOMorE 54 | GO TO GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL If you’re a photograhy buff like me, this one is a must-do. The Grand Central Station takes your breath away and is always, always more stunning in per- son. The main hall is huge and bustling and everything is so pompous and beautiful that it will leave you speechless for a moment. Just stand and gawk for a minute, like you know you want to, nobody’s judging you - they’re either busy trying to catch their train or tourists like you or used to it anyway. War- ning: You WILL get mad that you can’t capture it’s true beauty on camera. VISIT THE BRONX ZOO AND NY BOTANICAL GARDEN Admission is free on wednesdays (or pay- what-you-wish donation) and it’s one of the biggest metropolitan zoos of the world. Af- terwards you can head over to the adjoining new york botanical garden. TAKE THE STATEN ISLAND FERRY This ferry takes you from manhattan to staten island and back. The ride offers you a great view of the statue of liberty and also manhattans skyline and it’s completely free!

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