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85 being; and the supposition that these were the result of human agency has long ago been discarded by the sufferers and is fast dying out in the public generally. [Subsequent passage illegible] During this time an [illegible] of apparel has been cut up into fragments, said to be valued for upwards of £60 – in one particular case to the amount of £4 10s. One time a new hat would be cut round and round and [?] lying out in the street a few minutes after having been used without the apparent possibility of any person having done it. Coats, trousers, vests, blankets shawls similarly destroyed without a shadow of suspicion resting on any person. This continued at intervals till within the last two months when the work of destruction assumed another form which brought it to public notice. Belfast Newsletter, 23 November 1874, The Cookstown Ghost. Thus far-famed unknown continues to hold its revels in the same scene and, from its activity, shows no symptoms of removing to greener fields or newer pastures but bids fair to hold its present locale strictly in accordance with the terms of its first announcement – namely for the space of a year and a day. By the way, this notice was affixed to the door of its habitation for the time being and consisted of a slip of paper on which the handwriting bore an unmistakable resemblance to the calligraphy ordinarily done by an expert human hand. Shortly after the appearance of this intimation, it would seem as if it had changed its ghostly mind, as a similar scrap of paper, fastened on the door of a house nearer the centre of the town conveyed the dismal tidings to the terrified occupants that it purposed taking up its quarters with them; but up to the present time the promise has not been redeemed. No doubt it will keep its word, and when cast abroad upon the world from its present abode will hold them in dutiful remembrance. A few days ago a circumstance, or to speak in spiritualistic language, a manifestation occurred which some imagine confutes the idea of a ghost altogether. A wearing coat and a pair of boots were locked up for the night; to make certain of their perfect safety for the next day’s use, as far as lock and key could guarantee it. When produced in the morning and examined, no marks of their having been tampered with were apparent. The owner, as any other person would do, I presume, thoughtlessly laid one of his boots by his side on the floor while he drew the other on, but lo! When he lifted it again, the upper part was cut away. The coat had been thrown on a chair to wait its turn, but when taken up was found to be minus a sleeve. The inference from this is, that so long as anything is well

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