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10 much tormented as when they were at Liberty, and that there do now only two appear to her (viz'-), the aforesaid Mrs. Ann, as they called her, and another woman, blind of an eye, who told her when Mr. Robb,12 the curate, was going to pray with and for her, that she should be little the better for his prayers, for they would hinder her from hearing them, which they accordingly did.’ (p.161) ‘The Examination of John Smith, of Lairne, in the S[ai]d County, taken at Carrickfergus, 21 March, 1710, Who, being duly Sworn and Examined, Saith that Mrs. Mary Dunbar, who has for this Long time been in a most unusual manner tormented and afflicted (as shee Saith, and as by all that see her do verily believe) by witches and Witchcraft, having since the Confinement of Jannet Listen, Janett Meane, and Jane Miller, whom she affirms to be her Tormentors, declared that she was troubled only with one young woman, whom the aforesaid women, when about her and tormenting her, did call Mrs. Ann, but that the said young woman told her that she should never be discovered by her name as the rest were, shee, the Said Mary Dunbar, having given Exact marks and Description of one Margret Mitchell, whom she, this Ex[aminan]t doth verily believe, the Said Mary never had seen before the Said Marg[are]t Mitchell was brought to her, and that the Said Mary assured this Ex[aminan]t and others that the Said Marg[are]t was the young woman that did Torment and afflict her. And that she never saw her before but when she was tormenting her; and that after the Said Marget was set at Liberty, the Said Mary fell into a most violent fit, in which the Said Ex[aminan]t heard her say — "For Christ Sake, Let me alone, and I won't discover you." And after being Recovered out of the Said Fitt, was asked to whom she spoke. The Said Mary told them that the Said [are]t Mitchell was then afflicting her, and told her she would have this Ex[aminan]t James Blithe's Picture made & roast it like a Lark, and that they should not Catch her, for she wou'd turn herself into a Hare, and further Saith that the Said Mary did remit Several Pins, buttons, and horse Hair, and further Said not.’ 12 Rev. David Robb was Church of Ireland curate of St. John’s parish, Islandmagee, in diocese of Down and Connor.

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