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33 O/S Memoirs, Parishes of County Antrim XIV, vol. 37, Parish of Carrickfergus, Lieutenant G. H. Mallock, April 1832. (p.77) ‘Fairies are frequently seen about old forts and thorns. A spirit named Button Cap, from a button on the front of his cap, formerly haunted the castle, where, previous to some event, he was seen astride a canon.’ O/S Memoirs, Parishes of County Londonderry II, vol. 9, Parish of Drumachose, J. Butler Williams, J. Bleakly, C.W. Ligar, May 1835. (p. 109) ‘A small hill called the Fairy Now is a lump of soil grown over with a scrag of oak. It stands about 4 and a half feet above the level of the field on which it stands. It has never been laboured and it is said to be very gentle. The above mound stands in the holding of Samual Shannon, townland of Derrybeg. I have seen the above, 22 May 1835.’ O/S Memoirs, Parishes of Londonderry I, vol. 6, Parish of Artrea, James Boyle and J. Stokes, 1836. (p. 23) ‘On an eminence in Aughrim and holding of John Lenox there stands the remains of a gentle bush, locally called the Scroggen. The bush has fallen to one side at some former period by a wind storm. It was enclosed by a carn of stones that occupies 12 by 9 feet and stands about 4 feet above the level of the field. The carn is at present studded with sloe bushes. The occupier on the farm on which it stands has sustained a serious loss of cattle by encroaching on the precincts of the carn at some former period, but to make amends and relive himself from a continuance of such losses he had subsequently planted the base of the carn with a quantity of ash trees and prevents any further trespass on it or the remains of the old haw bushes. The place is believed to be very gentle and is said to be illuminated by night at different periods. Informants, James and Robert McCleery.’ O/S Memoirs, Parishes of County Antrim I, vol. 2, Parish of County Antrim, James Boyle, April 1839. (p. 63) ‘They are remarkably superstitious. In no part of Ireland does a more implicit belief in witchcraft, sorcery or the black art, as also in fairies, brownies and enchantments. For corroboration of this assertion it is almost sufficient to refer to the instances given in the Appendix and to state that there are still 23 “gentle bushes” in the parish. These as well as the

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